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Makeup Palette Kit with Creme, Olive, Bronze, Dark

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Product Description

Asher Rose Earth Angel Neutral Shimmers Palette

What it is:
A compact collection of three naturally gorgeous shimmer shadows, one cream highlighter and a double ended application brush

What it does:
Rock your natural side with this travel friendly shimmer palette inspired by healing gemstones. Achieve endless naturally sexy looks with three long lasting, layer friendly shimmer shadows and one cream highlighter perfect for inner eyes and eyebrow arch.

This set contains:
– 3 Eyeshadows in Rose Quartz (light peach shimmer), Sunstone (deep peach shimmer), Tiger’s Eye (brown shimmer)
– 1 Cream Highlighter in Quartz
– Double ended applicator

What else you need to know:
This collection of earthy, gemstone inspired neutrals offer true color payoff, and the luxurious, silky-smooth formula that blends effortlessly. It’s all the shades you need in a compact, purse-size palette.


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